Merloni TermoSanitari (MTS) Group, a reputable Italian company, which plays a key role in the manufacture of water heaters, boilers and components in the world, is the market leader for water heaters in Europe. The renowned brand "Ariston" meaning "the best" in Greek was established by MTS in 1960 and today, Ariston is the trusted brand for water heaters throughout the world; populations from diverse customs are able to recognize and appreciate the trustworthiness of the product and its superior performance.

Likewise, after proven itself in Singapore for more than 20 years, Ariston has been well recognized as a leader in water heaters. With the widest range of water heaters to choose from, certainly, there is always an Ariston water heater to meet the water heating needs of all homes. Ranging from electric instant water heater to electric storage water heaters from capacities as small as 15 litre to as large as 100 litres and in different configurations, whether it is square, round, vertical or horizontal, definitely, there is one that suits every home. Thus, it is undisputable that the brand "Ariston" is top of the mind brand for "water heaters" in everyone's mind. What's more, for storage water heaters, you can even choose from either the enameled or stainless steel tanks version. Ariston is definitely a step forward in manufacturing water heaters, thanks to the long experience in the field and to the incomparable Italian sensibility for design and technology.

Ariston heaters do not compromise in quality and safety as Ariston heaters meet the stringent quality and safety standards set by major international approving agencies; to name a few, they include Spring Singapore, TUV (Germany), VDE (Germany), UL (U.S.A.), NF (France) and BEAB (Great Britain).

Indeed, relative to all the competitors, Ariston can confidently acclaim to be the brand to able to answer to all your home water heating needs. With Casa (S) Pte Ltd acting as the sole distributor and taking care of the after-sales service for Ariston water heaters in Singapore, after you have installed your Ariston water heaters, you just have to relax and enjoy the warm and refreshing Ariston shower you deserve.