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Trouble Shooting Problem

Trouble Shooting Table for Ariston Storage Electric Water Heater

Symptoms Possible Causes Actions to be Taken
No Hot Water
  • Thermostat is not fitted properly on the heating element
  • Remove an fit correctly

  • Two-pole thermostat safety device activated
  • Reset the safety device if the fault is detected when the heater is switched on the first time. Or
    Remove the lime scale from the heating xxx element. Or
    Replace the thermostat in all other cases.

  • Electric switch is off
  • Turn on the electric switch

  • Electric heating element cut-off or short circuited
  • Replace the heating element and the gaskets

  • No power supply
  • Check the continuity on the power supply cables, plugs and connection terminals.
Insufficient Hot Water Produced
  • Reversed connection of hot/cold water pipe
  • Connect pipes correctly

  • Incorrect water connections
  • Re-connect correctly

  • Insufficient water heater capacity
  • Change to a suitable capacity
Water Too Hot
  • Defective thermostat
  • Replace the thermostat

  • Too much calcium or mud on the tank
  • Remove the calcium or mud
Thermostat Takes Too Long to Reactivate
(Only for 15 & 30 litres water heaters)
  • Thermostat has no contact with the boiler
  • Position the thermostat correctly

  • Insensitive thermostate
  • Replace the thermostat
Long heating time, high energy consumption and the water heater does not reach the maximum temperature
  • Design error of the system which allows the hot water to circulate
  • Have the system modified.
Bad egg odor of the hot water
  • Bacteria in the water
  • Drain, clean and rinse the inner tank

  • Water temperature is too low
  • Turn the thermostat to “maximum”
Frequent and short ON/OFF cycles
  • Incorrect heating element power (Watt)
  • Replace the heating element with the correct model.

  • Excessive formation of lime or scale on the heating element
  • Clean the heating element

  • Thermal effect on the current thermostat
  • No action should be taken if this occurs at the end of the heating cycle. Replace the thermostat if it occurs at the beginning of the heating cycle.
Water heater creates noise during heating
  • Hard water
  • Descale
  • Natural effect due to micro-boiling of the water over the heating element.
  • Replace the heating element with anti-noise model

Water heater creates noise (Whistle on the valve) when cold water is drawn

  • Due to different water flow and pressure in the system which may cause noise when cold water is drawn.
  • Replace the valve with anti-noise model

  • Pipes too narrow
  • Increase diameter
Circuit breaker cuts out when the unit is switched on
  • Incorrect electrical power setting
  • Check the power setting, modify the protection

  • Resistance is earthed
  • Test it and if necessary, replace it.
Frequent leakage of safety valve
  • Defective valve or too much pressure
  • Replace or install pressure reduce
Water leak (formation of rust) on:
Upper cover closing area Installation bracket area Bottom cover closing area Counter-flange
  • Boiler perforation due to corrosion by aggressive water.
  • Replace water heater

Trouble Shooting Table for Ariston Instant Electric Water Heater

Symptoms Possible Causes Actions to be Taken
No Hot Water
  • Tap turn off
  • Turn on the tap

  • Defective thermostat
  • Replace if it fails to cut or connect

  • Defective micro-switch
  • Replace micro-switch
No Green Indicator Presented
  • No power supply
  • Check the continuity of the power supply cables, plugs and connection terminals

  • Defective thermal cut-out
  • Replace thermal cut-out

  • Defective electronic card
  • Replace electronic card
No Red Indicator Presented
  • Green indicator is off
  • Refer to point 2

  • Thermostat not regulated to max
  • Turn the thermostat to maximum

  • Defective triac
  • Replace triac (if red indicator is still off , replace the electric card)